2 Natural Acne Remedies
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2 Natural Acne Remedies

Natural remedies for acne are completely free and anyone can do it regardless of skin types.

There are several health conditions that hinder many people's lives and outlook everyday. Acne is a condition which can affect your self esteem and your life. I've known several friends and family members with terrible cases of acne. They would purchase expensive remedies prescribed by doctors, order products like Proactin from infomercials, and use every product in the skincare aisle at the local drugstore. Nothing would work and they wondered why. Fortunately, I do not suffer from acne, but I only use natural products on my face, which might explain why my complexion has been perfectly clear ever since I was a teenager.

Natural remedies for acne are completely free and anyone can do it regardless of skin type. You're probably thinking why should I believe someone who doesn't have the same issue as me and I can understand that. However, I've never seen the purpose of putting foreign materials on my face or my body.I have two sisters who did have issues with acne when they were younger, however both now use natural scrubs they make at home and I've never seen another breakout on either one of their faces. In fact, their complexions are now perfectly clear of acne.

Diet and Exercise

Diet and Exercise is not only good for your figure but also good news for those who suffer from acne as it is a way to get rid of acne naturally. If you suffer from acne you may want to scope out your diet and make a few changes and start exercising if you are not already. If you have a regular exercise routine it is proven that you will have fewer breakouts and the breakouts that you do have will be less severe. When your heart beats faster during exercise it circulates more blood through your body which in turn releases the toxins at a faster rate.

The kind of food that you eat directly affects your skin so you should try to stay away from oily foods and junk foods. When you think of natural remedies you probably do not think of diet and exercise but your skin is your largest organ so if diet and exercise has such good affects on the rest of your body then it only makes sense that it would help in this situation as well.

Lavender and Cilantro Face Scrub

There is a lavender and cilantro home made scrub you can apply to your face daily. The process for this application is very simple and you can get most of the ingredients at your local department or grocery store.

The things you will need for this are:

  • Small bowl
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 2 or 3 lavender (the flowers and the leaves)
  • 3 Teaspoons pure white sugar
  • Pinch of cilantro
  • Ice cubes


Boil the water while you are mixing the other ingredients. Next you will need to strip two to three lavender stems, crush the flowers and leaves. Put the crushed flowers and leaves in the bowl. Pour a few teaspoons of sugar onto the crushed lavender and add a few pinches of cilantro. When the water is hot, but not hot enough to burn you, pour about a quarter of a cup into the mixture you have in the bowl. Stir the ingredients together and gently apply it to your face and massage it in for about a minute.

Now you need to rinse your face with warm water and pat your face dry. The next and final step is critical to the process. Rub your face with an ice cube. Ultimately the warm water opens up your pores and the sugar acts as an exfoliate and the ice cube will close your pores back up. If you skip this step you could make your acne worse because your pores will stay open and could clog. This is a very cheap way to get rid of acne naturally and it is very simple.

There are many natural remedies for acne but these two seem to have helped more people than I could ever imagine and many persons close to me in fact. If you watch what you eat and exercise you will see fewer breakouts and when you do get breakouts just follow the natural remedies for acne listed above and I assure you, you will see a difference.

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First time I have heard of this combination for acne treatments.

You are so helpful to share these valuable natural scrub and diet tips for acne. Promoted.

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I'm not surprised Brenda. Most people rely on medications instead using what really works.


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It is really important to consider natural remedies these days. I personally believe that considering natural remedies would really prevent us from suffering side effects using chemically made products. Thanks for sharing this excellent article, keep it up!. Voted and shared.

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