Acne Breakouts: Does Cheese Cause Acne
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Acne Breakouts: Does Cheese Cause Acne

Acne Breakouts: Does Cheese Cause Acne! Some scientific studies in the past have shown link between cheese and acne. In this article you will learn about the relation between cheese and acne and find the answer to does cheese really cause acne. Read on to know about the real facts on how eating lots of cheese can result in acne breakouts.

Does cheese cause acne? Yes! Eating loads of cheese can indeed be a possible cause of your acne breakouts. Some scientific studies in the past have shown link between cheese and acne. Read on to learn about the relation between cheese and acne and find the answer to does cheese really cause acne.

Milk and dairy products contain hormones and bio-active molecules.  Hormones are often injected into cow’s milk to boost milk production. These hormones enter milk and these can increase sebum production. This happens more commonly in acne prone individuals due to strong reaction with hormones in milk.

Increased sebum production can enhance oiliness of skin, clog the pores and cause acne breakouts. Therefore if you consume a lot of cheese, it can lead to increase in the sebum production which results in oily skin. People who are prone to acne breakouts should try to avoid oily foods and foods which make your skin oily.

A recent study has found link between cottage cheese and acne.  Whole milk, skim milk or low fat milk contains hormones and these can stimulate oil glands. Cheese is a product of milk and hence it is best to avoid it to stay acne free.

Even milk and cheese products that claim to be free of growth hormones contain natural hormones passed from cow and it is best to even avoid cheese derived from growth hormone free milk.

If you suspect cheese to be the cause of your acne breakouts, simply refrain from it for a month and see if breakouts improve. At the same time, avoid other dairy products too. If skin condition improves, cheese can definitely be added to the list of foods to be avoided to get rid of acne breakouts.

Lastly, human body does not have proper enzymes to digest milk from other animals. This often results in improper breakdown of food. An immune system reaction to these particles leads to inflammation and oxidative stress. Often such reaction reflects on the skin surface as acne.

Now you know that cheese can certainly be the culprit behind your acne breakouts. If you suspect cheese to be acne trigger factor, it is best to avoid cheese and milk products.

So from now on simply keep an eye on your cheese and milk products consumption. You can easily decrease your acne breakouts by simply avoiding cheese.

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thanks for this article.. say bye bye to undesirable acne :)