Clear Up Acne Fast
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Clear Up Acne Fast

Acne affects millions of people. If your skin is problematic you are not alone. There are a few forms of acne, one which is not acne at all. True acne is caused by clogged pores, and allergic acne is not due to clogged pores but rather to skin sensitivity. It is more like dermatitis.

Regardless of the reason for your breakout it all goes back to keeping your face clean. If you are washing your face with a gentle cleanser both morning and night, three times a day for oily skin, then your pores should not be becoming clogged. Unless, you aren’t washing your face, or you are using a brand of face wash that is too harsh.

Forgetting to wash your face will lead to clogged pores. If you use anything other than facial cleanser on your face it may be exactly what is causing your breakouts. Cleansers such as bar soaps can leave a residue on your skin, clogging pores. If your washing routine is up to par and your skin is still breaking out then there is another cause of your acne.

We just talked about acne caused from clogged pores, or allergic reactions, but are there other forms not yet mentioned? Yes. Let’s discuss stress induced acne. When you have a particularly stressful day does your face tend to break out? For some people, stress will cause minor to major skin eruptions. Try to avoid seriously stressful situations as they shouldn’t be a part of your life anyway, if they are causing that much stress. If you cannot avoid your stress trigger think about ways you can perceive the situation with a more optimistic and hopeful outlook. In other words, deal with it and don’t get so stressed out about it. Your skin will clear up.

Acne can also be caused from lack of nutrition, or improper nutrition. If your diet is not balanced your health, and your skin will pay the price. A diet containing too many sweets will cause breakout, as will vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

 Okay, so there are the most common causes of acne, and if you avoid triggers and follow a careful cleansing routine you can prevent future breakouts. What if your skin is broke out now and you just want it to clear up fast?

First, start using a medicated cleanser. Whatever cleanser you are using isn’t working so check the labels and find a cleanser you can begin using that has acne medication in it. The Neutrogena medicated facial bar is wonderful, and costs a little less than some of the liquid cleansers.

 On top of using the medicated cleanser, seek out the advice of your doctor and ask for a topical acne medication. Have your prescription filled and apply according to directions for further treatment and fast healing.

Whatever you do, don’t squeeze, pick, or pop. Keep your hands off of your face. When your fingers touch a blemish they make it worse. The blemish will become red, inflamed, and possibly more infected. Hands off for clearer skin.

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