5 Effective Foods to Remove Acne Scars in Your Face
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5 Effective Foods to Remove Acne Scars in Your Face

Here are 5 effective foods to remove acne scars. Find out what foods to avoid and that can cause acne in the first place.

There are 5 effective foods that you can use to remove acne scars in your face. If you use these foods regularly, you can bring back your beautiful face. Here are 5 effective foods to remove acne scars:

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent for your skin, so you can use it to remove acne scars and dark spots in your face. Here’s how to use lemon juice:

Drink a glass of lemon juice every morning and afternoon. This treatment will help to eliminate toxins in your body and make your skin looks radiant and glowing. Lemon juice will also useful to gradually fade your dark spots and remove acne scars.

2. Almond

Almond is a special nut for your skin. It can help to repair skin damage and maintain your skin elasticity. This nut is also useful to reduce wrinkles and keep your skin young and healthy. Eating almonds every day can help you to remove acne scars and heal the damage caused by acne. Omega-3 fatty acid in almond can help to reduce inflammation and repair your skin structure.

3. Tomato

Tomato is a fruit rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. Those vitamins are important for your skin. When you consume tomatoes regularly, you can gradually remove acne scars in your face. You can also use tomato to reduce open pores in your skin. To get the benefits from tomato, you can consume it regularly and use it as face mask.


4. Cucumber

You can use cucumber to remove acne scars in your face because cucumber has plenty of anti-oxidant components. If you consume cucumbers regularly, you will have a clean, fresh, and radiant skin. Cucumber will soften your skin from inside, repair the skin damage, and keep your skin healthy. So, don’t forget to include fresh cucumbers in your meals and salads every day.

5. Nutmeg and Honey

The mixture of nutmeg and honey can be used to remove acne scars in your face and bring back your beauty. You can mix honey and nutmeg and apply it to your face. Nutmeg and honey are useful and safe for your skin if you use them as topical treatment. You can also use nutmeg and honey as face mask. To use the mixture, simply mix nutmeg and honey, apply the mixture to your face, leave it for 30 minutes, and wash your face with warm water.

So, if you want to remove acne scars, you can use 5 effective foods above as your treatment.

Foods to Avoid

Recent studies have shown that eating certain foods can cause acne should be avoided. There is a misconception that sugar and chocolate causes acne, but that is not really true. The following foods can cause more acne

  • Cow’s milk: Yes, recent studies have shown that drinking cow’s milk can cause acne. The milk industry has made us believe that cow’s milk is needed for health. That is not true. Mother’s milk and baby formula are needed, but past the infant stage, cow’s milk is not needed. Calcium is, buy cow’s milk has too much protein.

  • Red meat: Red meat is very high in protein also, and this can aggravate the pores and create an oily situation, which blocks pores causing acne. With milk, a diet too high in protein can be a big factor in causing acne in teens and young adults.

  • Too much sugar: The standard American diet is just too high in sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Drinking too many soda pops each day can also contribute to getting acne.  Not only soda pop, but also foods like donuts and cakes can also add a huge amount to the daily diet.

  • Junk food: Fast food and junk food contain a lot of chemicals, sugar and white processed products can also cause an acne breakout.

  • Fast food: Junk food and fast food can be the same or different. Junk food can be any processed food or microwave food that contains junk. But fast food like McDonalds or any of those types of restaurants contain a great deal of grease. And greasy food causes a greasy face, which can cause the skin pores to become blocked and cause acne
  • High glycemic foods: These types of food include breakfast cereals, potato chips, and anything that is a white processed flour food. It is always best to go with whole wheat. The reason for this is because a high glycemic food will raise sugar levels in the body quickly. This causes a hormonal change in the body and can trigger an acne outbreak.

Food to Eat to Avoid Acne

If you are someone that has oily skin and acne outbreaks, take a look at your diet. Eating a vegetarian diet can really help. Even a partial vegetarian can help. Eat more clean like fish, chicken, fiber and plenty of vegetables can really help you have nice looking skin and not have acne problems.

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joan bulusan

i just want to make my face out of pimple mark .. i hope this will do.

what efective lotion can make my skin white and firmed? :)

I am going through this post and thinking of it’s theme and trying to understand what is this post about. At last I can have found something from this post which feels pretty good.

These are truly tried and tested treatments for acne scars. I have read another article that recommended using lemon juice.

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