Super Acne, Antibiotics, and You. Why Natural Treatments for Acne May Be Best.
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Super Acne, Antibiotics, and You. Why Natural Treatments for Acne May Be Best.

Learn about acne, present treatment and future and also about super acne and alternative treatment. The danger of using antiseptic face wash, deep cleansers and chemicals.

Acne is a major problem in 80% of the teenage population and in most cases used to reduce the severity when treated with a combination of medication including antibiotics. However, doctors are now warning that a new strain of acne is resistant to antibiotics resulting in “Super acne” We have starting to see more and more of it now "because just like with a lot of forms of resistant bacteria, it's becoming more difficult to treat.

Bacteria known as P. Acnes, and it's part of the skin flora. When we treat acne using mild antibiotics, colonization of super bugs result in super acne. Fifty percent of these bacteria can be resistant. It is difficult to find out right away if you have the resistant bacteria. If the bacteria enter your circulation via cuts and wounds then it is too late to treat.

The important thing is that, we know, acne can be difficult to treat, but once a dermatologist starts to put you on antibiotics, within weeks to months, your skin should really clear up. This only prevents bacterial growth, so when it doesn't, that's when you would start suspecting It."

"So what alternative are you left with if you've got the acne?'"  Some of my patients have tried using alternative treatments like tea tree oil, but this can burn & scald your skin leaving bad scars.

With the over-use of antibiotics today, their effectiveness is no longer, what they used to be.  What is sad here is that for teenagers suffering with acne it is emotionally and physically scarring.

I advise people to use plain filtered water to wash face. Using antiseptics, lotions and chemicals will dry skin and kill good germs. Presence of oil in skin is to help protect skin; forcefully removing them using chemicals is not a good thing to do because you remove the chemicals that prevent bacterial colonization.

Some teenagers told me that homeopathic treatments seem to have some treatment that may help. As a doctor, I do not have an answer to your question.

Further information check out in internet: super bugs, super acne, MRSA

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Comments (3)

[...] Super acne, antibiotics, and you. Why natural treatments for acne … [...]

best way to deal with acne in my opinion is using only natural products, maybe from different herbs. you can get some good reviews for different products on the internet. i use

Considering the natural treatment for acne is better compared to considering the chemically made products to avoid side effects. Thanks for sharing this excellent article, keep it up!. Voted and shared.